Customized Wellness Programs for Radiant Health

Welcome to Amanda's Lifestyle Academy (ALA) Bioenergetic Treatment, where healing begins from within. We offer a holistic approach to healthcare that uncovers the root causes of illnesses. By empowering our clients with personalized strategies, we help you heal faster and break free from reliance on traditional medicine. Discover a new path to wellness today.

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Our Comprehensive Approach to Wellness

ALA provides comprehensive care that follows our pillars of health: nutrition, detoxification, gut health, physical activity, and mentoring. We tailor individualized wellness programs for each client that includes a targeted combination of bio-energetic scanning, frequency-specific microcurrent, and functional wellness strategies for maximum effectiveness.

  • Personalized protocols for optimal wellness...

    Functional Wellness Programs

    Experience accelerated healing and achieve optimal wellness. We combine the power of bioenergetic scanning and FSM with the principles of functional medicine to create personalized, holistic protocols that address your body's unique needs. Strategies include: lab testing, nutrition & lifestyle counseling, natural supplements and more.

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ALA's 5 Pillars of Health for Success

All of our clients are guided through the following 5 pillars of health while receiving bio-energetic treatments. This essential combination is what sets us apart from other functional wellness providers and helps to ensure achieve fast and effective results.

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    At ALA, we believe that food is medicine. Good nutrition is absolutely essential for health and vitality, but it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. We help identify what the right diet is for you – and hold you accountable to implementation. 

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    We live in a very toxic world. Supplements, homeopathic remedies and herbs can be very useful in supporting your body’s natural detoxification processes. We help tailor an effective supplementation regimen for each of our clients, according to their needs.

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    Gut Health 

    Gut Health 

    Gut health issues greatly hinder the body’s ability to fully detoxify and heal from pain and other chronic conditions. We help identify where dysfunction is occurring, its root causes, and how we can support the tissues and organs to reach optimal function. 

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    Physical Activity

    Physical Activity

    Movement is essential for joint lubrication, circulation, and detoxification – as well as overall mental wellbeing. We highly emphasize consistent physical activity and encourage daily exercise as part of any functional wellness program.

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    Our approach focuses on identifying root causes rather than chasing symptoms. We provide direction, accountability, support, education and celebration throughout the duration of your care and beyond. A must-have to facilitate healing!

Benefits of ALA Wellness Programs

Here are some of the benefits our clients experience through our functional approach to wellness. This is by no means an exhaustive list! Our clients experience far more advantages than what could be listed in this limited space. Schedule a free discovery call today to learn more and explore what your outcomes could be!

  • Pain Relief

    Experience natural and long-lasting relief from pain and disease.

  • Money & Time Savings

    Avoid future costs associated with surgery and pharmaceuticals.

  • Increased Energy & Vitality

    Have the energy to stay in motion and get through each day with ease.

  • Independence

    Avoid dependence on friends and family for basic needs (like using the bathroom!)

  • Root-Cause Resolution

    Treat the root cause of chronic issues, instead of chasing symptoms.

  • Improved Mental Wellbeing

    Achieve happiness and mental clarity, while relieving anxiety and depression, naturally.

  • Better Digestion

    Enjoy healthy, satisfying bowel movements!

  • Freedom

    Enjoy the ability to travel comfortably without medical dependence.